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STill inspiring the world,

13 years on.

Overcoming social isolation and homelessness through the joy and connection of singing

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Who we are

Australia's most famous choir was introduced to the public in 2006 in the award winning ABC TV series Choir of Hard Knocks. Now in our 13th year, we continue on our amazing journey, with some of the original members from the award winning documentary.

Rehearsing every Monday, ours is a story of humanity, connection and celebration in the face of adversity.

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Get Involved

To get involved in the Choir of Hard Knocks you can either join the choir if you meet the eligibility criteria, volunteer as a Choir Angel, or make a donation to our cause.


Choir eligibility

To be able to participate in the Melbourne Street Choir Inc. choral program, all potential singers must fit the criteria of having experienced homelessness or disadvantage. People can self refer to the choir or they can be referred by an agency.

Our choral program is primarily for people who for reason of illness or life circumstance would not be able to access another choir in the community. We encourage anyone who can access and participate in another choir in the community to do so.

The choir rehearses most Mondays (check with us first to find out) at St Michael's Uniting Church hall at the rear of 120 Collins Street. We share a meal and then rehearse for approximately 2 hours. Choir members also have the opportunity to join the choir’s ukulele group.

If you are interested in coming along to a rehearsal, 
please get in touch.

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